spoon(s) of sugar in my tea.

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there wasn’t even this much drama when Deborah stole Howards custard

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"I hope all your cakes have soggy bottoms, Diana." — Britain   (via mykingdomscome)

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in the UK, we don’t say “I dislike you” we take people’s ice cream’s out of the freezer to make room for our own on a hot summer’s day and I think that’s horrible

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if anyone outside of britain ever questions how seriously we take the great british bake off just know that this week a guy went out because he threw his baked alaska in the bin because another baker took it out of the freezer and left it on the side and it melted and then he walked up to the judges with said bin and just put it in front of them and i’ve nEVER BEEN SO STRESSED IT WAS INTENSE

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Natalie Dormer does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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why didn’t harry use the chamber of secrets when teaching dumbledore army? i mean, only HE could open the door?

because the giant basilisk skeleton might have been a distraction

if anything it sets the mood

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i really want to carry a torch in a cave just like one time

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Katy Perry accepts Britney’s challenge.

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